How does the contest work?

We host the Creative Thoughts Writing Contest to inspire and encourage new and experienced writers to showcase their creative thoughts by submitting solutions to real life problems.

What can I win?

First place receives $1000, while second and third place receive $250 each.

When will all contest winners be announced and published?

All winners of the Creative Thoughts Writing Contest will be announced and published online in the chaynge.org and ofilispeaks.com website by February 15 of the next contest year.

When is the  current contest deadline?

All writing contest entries must be submitted by November 31.

How do I enter the contest by mail?

Entries can only be submitted electronically on the following website www.chaynge.org

What Will the Judges Look for?

Entries will be judged on four criteria:

1) Overall impact and creativity, points: 0-20
The judges will evaluate the article’s depth and insight, and the writer’s ability to creatively formulate a solution to the problem statement. This category also reflects the judge’s subjective response to the story.

2) Accuracy & carefulness with facts, points: 0-10
Do all the factual statements appear to be accurate? Are all the sources used in the article cited correctly? Does the writer seem to be writing honestly and with candor?

3) Language and “voice,” points: 0-10
This evaluates the originality (i.e., avoidance of cliches), freshness and effectiveness of the author’s use of language and the aptness of the author’s observations. The judges will also ask: Does the article flow smoothly? Are the details used appropriate and vivid?

4) Writing mechanics, points: 0-10
The judges will look at the clarity of the writing, grammar, syntax and well-organized thoughts. They will also look for clean self-editing.

HELP! I have a question you didn’t answer.

For more information, call +1 773  742 1263 or e-mail the contest coordinator directly at creativethoughts@chaynge.org

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